A new look for the Infamous Scribbler: Scribbler Coach!

I am currently working on setting up a Web page on this site for my new venture, but I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I want to introduce my new venture … Scribbler Coach! Artist Krist Neumann, a talented friend of mine, created the logo in the header above. Isn’t it awesome? (The logo, I mean…) The cat is our kitteh, Schnapps, and true to life she can most often be found sitting on the stacks of books and papers that surround my workspace, generally getting in the way of life until you go to pet her … and then she is off like a shot. Our Basset hound, Captain, can often be found with his snooter suddenly under your elbow, nudging you to make sure you haven’t forgotten that there is a bag of treats in the kitchen cabinet. (Our other fur-kid, Brandy, was lounging on the couch and too busy napping to come be part of the logo!)

So what, exactly, is Scribbler Coach? Exactly what you might think: Editing, coaching, and mentoring.

Editing: If you are a writer who has completed a novel, short story, school essay, article, etc., and need a professional eye, I provide first and second pass editing services (macro and micro edits), as well as proofreading/copy editing. If you are a more experienced writer, I offer a “three-chapter” edit, which will polish the amount of work usually requested by agents and publishers up front. If interested, please get in touch and I will provide a 5-page sample edit for free so that you may decide if my style of editing works for you.

Coaching: If you are a new or aspiring writer and don’t know where to begin, I will help you come up with a plan to start, provide advice and feedback as you go along, and finish by providing you a beta read feedback on your finished product.

Mentoring: This is not so much a defined service, as an invitation for writers, both accomplished and aspiring, to shoot me questions, comments, etc., that I will attempt to answer to the best of my ability, or dragoon my published friends who work in “the biz” to provide answers. Every Friday, join us for #WriteFridays, where I will post a writing exercise and invite others to join in, re-post, and share. Finally, I will continue to invite guest bloggers, host author interviews, and share my own writing foibles and concerns as we go through.

If interested, drop me a line in the comments, or contact me at: infamous_scribbler ~at~ yahoo.com. Thanks for stopping by!

Art by Krist Neumann!

Art by Krist Neumann!

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