Awesome sandwich…

You know how, when you’re learning to give constructive criticism, they teach you about the “compliment sandwich”? Having been on the receiving end of more than a few criticisms from folks who were unaware of this phenomenon, I try to always couch any sort of critique that I do – whether it’s a subordinate counseling, a writing critique, or even a self-evaluation – in this format.

When I sat down to write this (hopefully short) blog update, I realized I have a quick-mix of things to share, and so rather than focus on the negative, or only share the awesome, I’m going to go with an “awesome sandwich.” Much better than the tuna sandwich I had for lunch, but not as filling.

First, the inimitable Connie Wilson hosted me as a guest interview on her blog, The Musings of a Manic Blond. This is going to be a two-part series, as I apparently am quite eloquent on the subject of myself. All joking aside, Connie was a great interviewer – asked a bunch of interesting questions, and was ready with a follow-up when necessary. It was a pleasure to appear on her blog, and I am looking forward to reciprocating the hosting! Awesome.

Second, this whole indie author thing isn’t all acceptance letters and book launches. Sometimes, you take a giant horse pill of Motrin, blink past the migraine that settles over your right eye, open up your e-mail, and right there in the middle of blog notifications, Table of Contents notices, and advertisements from Ocean Hockey… you get a big, fat, ol’ form rejection letter. Sorry, we’re sure your story was great, but it just wasn’t awesome enough for us. Boo. Not so awesome.

So, after filing away that little disappointment in my “Rejection” folder, I picked up Len Deighton’s Berlin Game. Deighton is a master of the Cold War spy genre – a master, I tell you! Reading his works is like watching the best spy movie. In fact, I don’t think there has been a spy movie that has been as penultimately excellent as Deighton’s stuff. Okay, so maybe Le Carre could give him a run for his money. But it would be a close call. Reading this book has inspired me to go back and start editing Cold Run. Which I will do. After my laundry. But in the meantime, Deighton’s book was awesome. And the migraine is gone after only a day and a half. So that’s awesome too. And my laundry is getting done. Which, believe me, is super awesome, because I was down to my last Army tan T-shirt, and with the temperature in the 100s, recycling is no longer an option out here.

So there you have it. Awesome sandwich.

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