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Short Story Out! (Phew…)

First, the announcement!   My short story, “Shadow Pool,” is finally up and out into the world. Issue 2 of Imaginarium, the spec lit mag of UC Berkeley, is currently available. And, bonus, right now both Issue 1 and Issue … Continue reading

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Plot vs. Pants, or, Handing Back My Plot Card

It was at one of the first writers’ group meetings I attended in Fayetteville when my soon-to-be friend, writing buddy, and future woman-who-gives-me-good-advice Suze fixed me with her steely gaze of inquiry and asked in her formidable British accent: “So, … Continue reading

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There’s nothing like a migraine…

…to scatter all my concentration to the wind and make me wish that my favorite things to do didn’t involve looking at screens or pages or anything other than closing my eyes and laying down in a darkened room. But, … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the “Strong Woman Character”™

Lately I’ve been thinking about this strange bird, the “Strong Woman Character”™. As November approaches, various conversations regarding characters, and sometimes in particular, the Strong Woman Character (hereafter known as the SWC), arise in the fora devoted to NaNoWriMo. Who writes SWCs? … Continue reading

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Random thoughts…

It’s been a while since I’ve put something up here on the old bloggeroo. There’s no particular reason for the radio silence; mostly, I’ve been preoccupied with finishing up my Criminal Justice class, editing/formatting the anthology I’m working on, catching … Continue reading

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