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New Release from Caitlin Hensley…

In May, I posted a conversation with Caitlin Hensley, who was launching the first book in her series, The Inhuman Chronicles. Paranormal Legacy, a Young Adult urban fantasy novel, told the story of a teenage girl who discovers that there … Continue reading

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Book release!

Okay, so a few days ago, I blogged about some upcoming guests. And then NaNo and laundry ate my life. Well, mostly laundry, because I’m really behind on NaNo right now. But let us not dwell on my procrastination, let … Continue reading

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A big thing, and some little things.

Okay, actually two big things. First, I am home after a year stationed in Kuwait. It was hot, sandy, a little boring sometimes, but also kind of fun at other times. Second, the Touring Theater of North Carolina will present … Continue reading

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Thinking about November…

I’m sitting here after a moderately full day of training and other work-related things, having eaten a large dinner complete with a dessert treat of ice cream and tea. In an effort to spur the NaNo brain back into action, … Continue reading

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Back on the tracks…

So, after a morning spent with migraine, work, migraine, and not very much writing, I chugged 1600 mgs of Motrin and a couple of bottles of water, went for a walk outside, ate lunch, surfed the web, and finally sat … Continue reading

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Veering back on track…

It’s Day 5 of NaNoWriMo, and I got off track just a tad. I’ve been pretty good about the whole “no social media or TV/movies until you hit your 2K” restriction that I’ve placed on myself, and so far I’ve … Continue reading

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New Chautauqua blues…

Okay, so there’s not really any blues, but since I’ve got the blues on my mind what with this NaNoWriMo thing going on. But I wanted to take a break from our scheduled programming to share this with you: The … Continue reading

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And we’re off…

Today begins the first day of the month of November, being namely the Feast of All Saints in the Roman Catholic church. The new chaplain said mass, and the members of the choir sang and played. It was an exercise … Continue reading

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