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Something cool…

…no, not the interviews I’m (still) working on. Let me tell you, it’s been interesting around here. Eventually I will get around to posting. But in the meantime, I want to share something from graphic artist Sylvester Temple: You may … Continue reading

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Coming soon … A conversation with Jared Zabaldo.

Coming soon, we sit down with Jared Zabaldo, former Army journalist and current President, Business Operations, for USAMM. We’ve asked him to talk about running his own business, his life as an entrepreneur, and entering that world after military service. … Continue reading

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Writing again…

This year started off more with submitting things I’ve already written, but there was that little voice in the back of my head saying: “Hey, you there calling yourself a writer, better get your butt in the chair and your … Continue reading

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First post for the New Year!

A new year is here and I, like many others, take this time to look backward and forward, taking stock of where I am, and how that stacks up to where I thought I would be. I’m not a big … Continue reading

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