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Just keep swimming…

You ever have that moment where you travel from New Jersey to Georgia to go to your husband’s military ball, with a dress carefully packed away that you bought in a NY Macy’s — you get to Georgia, unpack the … Continue reading

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Pics from the upcoming release of Cold Run…

While I’m definitely getting excited about the August 2nd release of my novel, Cold Run, from Untold Press, any attempts to force myself to relax and enjoy the anticipation are in vain. I keep thinking that I need to research … Continue reading

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Research, crowdfunding, decision briefs … oh my!

This week, my assignment for the Taking Command documentary project – our film about women leading in the US Army Military Police – was to follow up with the Army public affairs offices we have contacted (so far, still working on … Continue reading

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Introducing “Zeus is Dead,” launching today!

When Zeus is away…   Michael G. Munz’ book, Zeus is Dead: A Monstrously Inconvenient Adventure, opens with a simple premise. Sick and tired of hanging out on Mount Olympus, eating ambrosia, and getting bossed around by their older brother/husband/both, the … Continue reading

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Taking Command: A Documentary Film

I first pitched this project accidentally while sitting on a bus filled with 2014 GI Film Festival filmmakers. Striking up a conversation with Catherine Campbell, producer of the documentary film Oro Macht Frei, I found myself talking about my experience … Continue reading

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#TANSTAAFL vs. the #facebookexperiment

In the period of time since I posted a long, rant-y post about how I was kicking the Facebook habit, one of the common rebuttals I’ve been subjected to concerns the ostensibly “free” aspect of the service. After all, everyone … Continue reading

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Coming soon…

Just finished reading an advance copy of Zeus is Dead, by Michael G. Munz. In preparation for its July 21 release, I will be featuring a review and interview with the author. Check back next week to learn more!

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Review of “Chosin: To the Sea”

Of all the presentations at the 2014 GI Film Festival Filmmaker Bootcamp, I most enjoyed Brian Iglesias. A Marine (currently serving in the Reserves) and filmmaker, Iglesias directed the documentary film, “Chosin,” and is currently expanding the universe of the … Continue reading

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New anthology release! Luna’s Children: Full Moon Mayhem

About 11 months ago, I received word that my short story, “Night Run,” had been accepted in a werewolf anthology published by Dark Oak Press. At the time, I wrote a whole long blog post about how the short story was … Continue reading

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The Long Goodbye (to Facebook)…

This past Monday I found myself inadvertently celebrating Facebook Intervention Day. An artist friend of mine, Marrus, originally set this up as a day where participants would stay away from Facebook, enjoying “the real world,” and contemplating life and other stuff. … Continue reading

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