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#WriteFridays Exercise 4

This week, I posted an interview with author Stephen Christiansen, wherein we discussed world-building on the macro level. This got me thinking about all the different levels at which we interact with our environment, especially as I began drafting the … Continue reading

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A Conversation with Stephen Christiansen…

I’m currently reading my way through the first novel in Stephen Christiansen’s epic Orbbelgguren series, which currently clocks in at 17 books with some off-shoot novels. I grew up reading multi-part series such as Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time, The … Continue reading

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Telling stories beyond facsimiles…

A few days ago, I received a free eBook for an honest review, part of the Read It & Reap program through the Shut Up and Read GoodReads group. Part of the reason I asked for the book, other than … Continue reading

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#WriteFridays Exercise the Third…

This week, I’ve been busy reading and reviewing books for various online groups. There are a few I belong to on Goodreads, and promising a review is a great way to score free books. I was reading my way through … Continue reading

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Exercise 2

Here is my contribution to last week’s #WriteFridays exercise. I started and threw out a few, but finally came up with this. Based, as they say, on a “true” story. Writing Exercise 2 (Actions) When I was a kid, I … Continue reading

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#WriteFridays Exercise 2

Welcome back to #WriteFridays! Participation is easy. Check out the exercise below, then sit down and write something. Post it to your blog and share the link in the comments and/or via Twitter with hashtag “#WriteFridays.” Then, read and share … Continue reading

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Breaking before you shine … Guest Post by C.M. Wilson

“It’s okay to be a glow stick. Sometimes you have to break before you shine.” –        Anonymous I’ve had a lot of people give me a weird look when I recite that quote. I guess it’s hard to understand it … Continue reading

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Release Day – The Crosstown Kid

Every once in a while, I’ll come across a book in one of my blogging groups that really catches my attention. There are different reasons for that – perhaps the cover art is particularly eye-catching, perhaps it’s a different genre … Continue reading

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#WriteFridays Exercise 1 – Anxiety Dreams

I started this exercise thinking that I would use it to jump start some work on Steel-Toed Blues, for which novel I still owe some words today. After staring at my computer, surfing Facebook, feeding the baby, surfing more Facebook, … Continue reading

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#WriteFridays Exercise 1

As I posted on Wednesday, I am trying to hold myself to doing one writing exercise a week in order to stretch my writing muscles and continue to work on my craft. I’d like to invite the Internet to participate. … Continue reading

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