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#WriteFridays Exercise 22

The other day I was scrolling through my Facebook feed, and a few friends had posted about a firm that is developing an “augmented reality” game that shows monsters in your house. Apparently your phone takes a map of your house, … Continue reading

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Excerpt, Steel-Toed Blues (WIP)

Finally sitting down and getting some serious work done on this project. This little excerpt, where my MC describes what it’s like to step across to the Fae world, just nudges me over the 41K line. Next stop–50K! * * … Continue reading

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Pushing through the “almost-done” barrier…

On my last 10-hour road trip, I left Ladybug with her dad, and so I had some extra time to think (other than “Oh please go to sleep…” “Oh please don’t wake up yet!” With something in my brain unplugged, … Continue reading

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#WriteFridays Exercise 21

You know what’s hard? Writing. You know what’s hard to write? Unpleasant things. Now, I’m not just talking about writing a character’s death. For some writers–actually, for more writers than I feel really comfortable mentioning–it’s par for the course when … Continue reading

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