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Saturday Spotlight: Felicite Lilly

As part of my new resolve to keep my blog updated (at least mostly updated, which as we all know is slightly more regular), I have decided to do a Saturday Author Spotlight. If you’re looking for something to read, stop … Continue reading

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#WriteFridays Exercise 23

With all the traveling I’ve been doing for Con and drill, and trying to write a book, polish another, plot another, and put together two book proposals (because why not), (and oh yeah, start up a new literary journal) these … Continue reading

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Con rundown and other thoughts…

It’s been almost two weeks since DragonCon, and I realized I haven’t actually sat down and done either a Con rundown, or posted a #WriteFridays exercise. Sheesh. C’mon, self, get with the program. First, the DragonCon short rundown. I attended … Continue reading

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