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#WriteFridays the 25th!

I love milestones! And Writing Exercise 25 is, sort of, a milestone. I mean, 25 is a nice round number, even if it is odd, right? Right? Anyone? Bueller … Bueller … ? Okay … so before I get any more weird looks, let’s … Continue reading

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Finding the Time to Write – Follow Up

This past Friday, my #WriteFridays prompt was all about finding the time to write, and for good reason. For the past few weeks–to be honest, the past few months–I’ve been stuck. Blank pages full of nothing. A few notes here … Continue reading

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Saturday Spotlight: Markie Madden’s Fang and Claw

Earlier this year, I sat down for a Conversation with Markie Madden, in which we talked about her book, My Butterfly Cancer, and some of what it takes to set up a publishing house. Fast forward a few months (okay, … Continue reading

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#WriteFridays Exercise 24

Good morning, Friday writers! (Or really, any-day-of-the-week writers…) It’s been a crazy week, without much writing going on. Which, if you think of yourself as a writer, is kind of the opposite of what you what to have happen. Especially … Continue reading

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Fayetteville ComicCon Rundown

What do a group of nerdy people do for fun on the weekend? Well, if that weekend was this past weekend, and the first Fayetteville ComicCon was happening–we were over there. It was a super fun event, and I am … Continue reading

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Saturday Spotlight: Jeffrey Cook & Katherine Perkins

Jeffrey Cook is an intrepid imaginer of worlds, a steampunk Shakespearean par excellence, and kind of a fun Facebook friend. If you have been at a Con in the Pacific Northwest, you may have caught a glimpse of him or … Continue reading

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