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Post-Con Rundown

The three months since November started seem to have gone by so fast I don’t actually remember large swathes of them–and it’s not because I enjoy a glass or two of a festive beverage during the holidays. Working at the … Continue reading

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Tanks, Monsters, Mercs … oh, my!

Started off this year wanting to get back to writing short stories and sending them out to the world, and then shortly after writing down my goals, I decided to take one of those stories and share it myself. Bea … Continue reading

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What’s Ahead in 2019…

…or, reading, writing, coaching, oh my! It’s been a minute since I updated my blog, mostly because the holiday season hit me like an overscheduled, frenetic, wrecking ball of joy and fun. To say I was upset about that would … Continue reading

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