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Profile PicRachel A. Brune graduated from the NYU Tisch School of the Arts in May 2000, and was immediately plunged into the low-stakes world of entry-level executive assistant-ship. Her unexpected journey out of that world and into the military is chronicled in her self-published book, Echoes and Premonitions.

Rachel served five years as a combat journalist, including two tours in Iraq, and a brief stint as a columnist for her hometown newspaper. After her second tour, she attended graduate school at the University at Albany in NY, where she earned her MA in Political Communication, and her commission as a second lieutenant in the military police corps. She returned to the Army Reserve in November 2014.

Rachel published her suspense thriller, Soft Target, in April 2013. Her werewolf urban fantasy novel, Cold Run, launched from Untold Press August 2, 2014. She currently works as a freelance author and writing coach, and is working on a new urban fantasy series as well as the sequel to Cold Run.

As an editor and coach, Rachel has helped numerous fellow writers with valuable feedback, contributing her editorial talents to a number of anthologies, including Merely This and Nothing More: Poe Goes Punk, from Writerpunk Press. She has worked with several private clients to polish their manuscripts and shepherd them through the process of editing, revisions, and querying. In addition, she hosts a community of storytellers on Patreon, where she provides coaching and mentoring for authors at all levels of experience.

In addition to her fiction and freelancing, she blogs her adventures, writing and otherwise, here at The Infamous Scribbler. You can also follow her on Twitter, where she goes by the handle @rachelabrune, or contact her via Facebook.

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