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A Conversation with Adam Messer, Author

Adam Messer is a journalist and fiction writer, currently writing his way through a series that brings together two of my favorite things–vampires and heavy metal. He’s got a lot of good things to say on the subject, so I’ll … Continue reading

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Target: Weekend Reading!

As I’m typing away on the latest installment in the Rick Keller Project, I’m realizing that my suspense thriller, Soft Target, isn’t getting much love. Since I’m pretty close to the last book of the RKP series, I’m looking ahead … Continue reading

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Character Studies

When I graduated middle school, one of my teachers signed my yearbook: “Rachel, You are a “why”!” I didn’t have to ask. The nickname came about because I often cannot stop asking questions. Later, when my Dad and I were … Continue reading

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Stay tuned…

We’ve got some awesome things coming, like more interviews, new covers, a plan for the release of the rest of the Rick Keller Project, and of course reviews. Also upcoming this year: a cross-country move, pitching two new series, writing … Continue reading

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Tournament of Ymir Rundown…

All right folks! Put on your party hats and reading glasses, as I’m about to fulfill today’s word count with a rundown on yesterday’s event, the Tournament of Ymir. (For those wondering what this is, or thinking that perhaps this … Continue reading

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Meet the New Year…

…with any luck, it won’t be the same as the old year. To be fair, while 2017 was challenging at times, there were still some really great parts of it. For one, we welcomed our newest addition to the family, … Continue reading

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A Conversation with Randy Brown, aka Charlie Sherpa

    Randy Brown embedded with his former Iowa Army National Guard unit as a civilian journalist in Afghanistan, May-June 2011. He authored the poetry collection¬†“Welcome to FOB Haiku: War Poems from Inside the Wire.” His essays, journalism, and poetry … Continue reading

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Excuse Our Dust!

It’s the sign that retailers put out when they’re going through renovations, but still want to stay open for business. And now, as I find myself in the thick of NaNoWriMo, I am also going to be slowly renovating this … Continue reading

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Slogging away…

I wasn’t sure I was going to do NaNoWriMo until after it started, so my progress has been slow. But that’s fine. I’m going the Rebel route — using the motivational boost* to get my ass in gear and finish … Continue reading

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On death clutter…

I’ve been thinking about this for a while, given that my little family is a) going through a period where we wait to find out if/when/where we are moving next, b) have two girls who keep outgrowing clothes/toys/assumptions as fast … Continue reading

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