A heartfelt “THANK YOU” to those of you who are supporting my writing endeavours on Patreon! You are helping support my work as a writer, as a creator, and as a coach. For those who are interested, there are several tiers of patronage available, with varying perks and community. Come, join us!

Tier One: Welcome, Patron!

Thanks for coming aboard! At this level, I will add your name (with your permission) to my list of Patrons on my website, as well as in the back of the annual chapbook I’ll be creating from the content from this page. You will also receive exclusive access to blog posts, book reviews, short poems (possibly haiku, possibly limericks, you never know,) cover reveals, and whatever else strikes my fancy. 

Thank you, Patrons!
Jim Reader
Adam Messer, Author & Journalist

Tier Two: In a Flash (Fiction)!

In addition to previous rewards, you will receive monthly access to a piece of flash fiction written exclusively for my patrons. These pieces will also be included in the annual chapbook, which you will receive a PDF copy of at the end of the year.

Tier Three: Beaming Into Your Brain

Let’s get live and in person! Join me for a bimonthly livecast where we’ll talk about the writing process. One week I may try out a new character development tool, live. Another week, I may talk through a literary analysis of another author’s work. Some weeks, I may invite a guest. No matter what the topic, it will investigate some aspect of the writing process. Subscribers at this level also receive all previous benefits.

Thank you, Patrons!
Dex Rowland

Tier Four: Put Me In, Coach!

In addition to previous rewards, I will critique up to 2K words per month, either through Google Docs, or by sending Word files with tracked changes back and forth.

Thank you, Patrons!
James Burns

Tier Five: Let’s Get Write

In addition to previous rewards (including the monthly 2K critique), you and I will sit down for a personal one-on-one to discuss your writing. If you’re local, we can do this over coffee. If you’re remote, we can do it over Skype or FaceTime, but you’ll have to brew your own!