Coaching & Editing

Sending something out without her input feels like submitting a very rough draft.

Jim Reader (Author)

Scribbler Coach

Scribbler Coach

Whether you are trying to figure out how to start, looking for help staying on track, need someone to talk through a tricky plot or character arc, or have finished a manuscript and need some advice on what to do next, I can be a sounding board, organizer of thoughts and notes, advice guru, whipcracker, or all of the above. My goal is to give you the tools you need, tailored to your specific project.

Coaching Rates

  • Initial 15-minute Phone/Skype Consult: Free
  • Regular: $50.00/hour
  • Student/Veteran: $25/hour
  • Every fifth session (one hour): Free


This option is for writers who have completed a manuscript and are looking for feedback on the work as a whole. I will provide a two-pass edit that will address your work on a macro level—story and character arcs, plot beats, etc., as well as a closer edit that will address micro-level revisions, such as grammar, spelling, word choice, syntax, etc.

The next step is a third pass for final proofreading/quality assurance; if I have done the first two passes, I recommend you work with a fresh set of eyes for this go around. If you need recommendations, I have a list of editors with whom I’ve worked and would be happy to put you in touch.

Editing Rates

  • Regular: $0.01/word
  • Student/Veteran: $0.01 every two words

I provide full manuscript and three-chapter edits. The latter option is recommended for more advanced writers looking to submit to editors, publishers or agents. Rates include an initial 15-minute telephone/Skype consult and five-page sample edit.

Rachel has shown a knack for providing concise, clear and intelligent feedback on my own writing, and her experience with the written word is second-to-none.

D.S. Williams (Author) 

Her journalism background lends itself to a thorough understanding of grammar, sentence construction and the basics of good writing. She was also helpful with point of view, voice, character development, and plot with an excellent explanation of the whys and wherefores behind the different choices.

Theresa Jones (Coaching Client)