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On the Shelf: Write Your Story

In the spirit of thanks to people who have shared their stories with me, or who have written and publisher their stories for people like me to learn from, I wanted to highlight four books that center around ways to write down and amplify a story, in particular, a nonfiction story. I offer this with no expectation that the onus is on people of color to do the emotional and physical labor of pulling together and writing it down. I recognize that there are many books and resources out there that already exist for people like myself to do the work of self-education. I offer these merely in case you or someone you know has a story to tell and is looking for someplace to start. Continue reading

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On the Shelf: Women at War

On the Shelf will be an annotated bibliography introducing three to five books on a particular topic that I think might be helpful as well as some thoughts on why I’ve picked them, and what I think you might get out of them. In this case, I’ve chosen a few books from my shelf that relate to the topic of Women in War. Continue reading

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Reading Between the Lines

Something happened when I started getting back into this reading groove. No matter what I was reading, whether it was about the rise of splatterpunk, how the rule of three makes for an effective public speaking strategy, or the latest adventures of Joe Pike and Elvis Cole, somehow my synapses in the writing part of my brain starting firing again. What if, they whispered, instead of doing this — this other thing happened instead? What if ? Continue reading

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Sneaking in a #Mondayblogs posting…

…talking about the one narrative occurrence I really, truly cannot stand, whether it pops up in a book, a television show, a movie, etc. Now, keep in mind, I have an open mind and eclectic taste in reading, which exposes me … Continue reading

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