Urban Fantasy

The Rick Keller Project
Cold Run (RKP 1), August 2014.
Night Run (RKP 1.5, a Rick Keller Novelette), May 2018.
Vegas Run (RKP 2), October 2018.
Trial Run (RKP 2.5, a Rick Keller Novella), November 2018.
Winter Run (Coming in 2019!)


Soft Target, April 2013.


Echoes & Premonitions, January 2010.

Short Stories

“The Carnival Ghost. Hideous Progeny: Classic Horror Goes Punk, Writerpunk Press, May 2018. Carniepunk.

“Bea Wolf.” What We’ve Unlearned: English Class Goes Punk, Writerpunk Press, May 2017. Dieselpunk. Also available as a Kindle Short Read from Amazon.com.

“Finding Things After You’re Gone.” Stardust, Always, A David Bowie + Alan Rickman Tribute Anthology, June 2016. Experimental Memoir.

“The Case of the Cigar Girl in the Sixpenny Temple.” Merely This and Nothing More: Poe Goes Punk, Writerpunk Press, May 2016. A Steampunk Detective Story.

“Terminal Leave.” O-Dark-Thirty, Winter 2016, Vol. 4, No. 2. Literary Fiction.

“The Peacemaker.” Fantasy Scroll Magazine, September 2014, Issue 3. Science Fiction. Also included in the Year One Anthology, Dragons, Droids & Doom.

“Night Run.” Luna’s Children: Full Moon Mayhem, Dark Oak Press: July, 2014. Urban Fantasy. Re-released as a Rick Keller Project novelette.

“Readers.” T. Gene Davis’s Speculative Blog, February 2014. Science Fiction.

“Shadow Pool.” Imaginarium, October 2013, Issue 2. Speculative Horror.

“The Case of the Southern Gentleman at the Midnight Ball.” eSteampunk, April 2013, Vol. 01, No. 06. A Steampunk Detective Story.

“IronFae.” Aoife’s Kiss, March 2013, Issue 44. A Steampunk Urban Fairy Tale.

“The Terrible, Vast Pyre of Chief Machinist Kirlisoveyitch.” Dark Moon Digest, October 2012, Issue 9. Steampunk Horror.

Editorial Credits

Editor, Stories We Tell After Midnight, Crone Girls Press, 2019.

Contributing Editor, Pride Park: An Anthology to support LGBT freedom, Writers United, 2018.

Contributing Editor, Hideous Progeny: Classic Horror Goes Punk (Writerpunk Project) (Volume 5), Writerpunk Press, 2018.

Contributing Editor, What We’ve Unlearned: English Class Goes Punk (Writerpunk Project) (Volume 4), Writerpunk Press, 2017.

Contributing Editor, Merely This and Nothing More: Poe Goes Punk (Writerpunk Project) (Volume 3), Writerpunk Press, 2016.

Contributing Editor, Once More Unto the Breach: Shakespeare Goes Punk 2 (Writerpunk Project) (Volume 2), Writerpunk Press, 2015.