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Have you got a reader on your holiday list who loves good fiction, especially kick-ass genre fiction? Then stay tuned, because we here at Infamous Scribbler had a chance to sit down with author Elizabeth Donald and ask a few questions about her books, and what life is like as a journalist and an author of fiction. Here is just a small taste, to whet your appetite (so to speak):

Elizabeth Donald: When I thought about the terror of a zombie attack, I realized the scary part isn’t being killed or even being eaten. Lots of things can kill you and eat you; ask your friendly neighborhood tyrannosaur. But a zombie combines our fear of disease with our fear of the apocalypse in one ugly bite. I thought the scariest part of a zombie attack would be the time between being bitten and “turning.” It was the sure knowledge that you are going to die, that nothing you did would change that immutable fact, and when you die, you will become the thing you fear the most. You will become the very monster you have fought, a danger to yourself and others, and part of the thing that is destroying your world.

Check back soon for the full interview!

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Elizabeth Donald is a writer fond of things that go chomp in the night. She is a three-time winner of the Darrell Award for speculative fiction, including one for her short-story collection, SETTING SUNS. She is the author of the Nocturnal Urges vampire mystery series and numerous short stories and novellas in the horror, science fiction and fantasy genres. She founded the Literary Underworld, an author cooperative helping small-press writers promote and sell their work. By day she is a reporter in the St. Louis region, which provides her with an endless source of material, and writes CultureGeek, a pop-culture column and blog. Her latest releases include THE COLD ONES and its sequel BLACKFIRE, a zombie invasion story that will conclude in 2014. Her next releases will be a science fiction adventure titled BANSHEE’S RUN, and a re-release of her early fantasy novel, DREADMIRE.

Elizabeth Donald, Author

Elizabeth Donald, Author

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