Lead role in a cage…

A few reviews have popped up for Cold Run, and while they are by and large positive, the first two that I found on Goodreads both mentioned the same problem – the book is hard to get into. Don’t get me wrong – I appreciate honesty in reviews, and also the fact that people took their time to read my book and leave some feedback about it.

Still, that fragile part of my ego shriveled a little, and I spent many hours between yesterday and this morning wondering if the writing life was for me, if all the rest of the future reviewers would have this problem … if there even would be future reviewers … and also, how good of a writer do I actually think I am, wanting to do this full time?

At the same time, for the past day and a half, I’ve had the lyrics from Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” stuck in my head, particularly the line that goes: Did you exchange/A walk-on part in the war/For a lead role in the cage.

Finally I thought about these two things at the same time (I’m a little slow). And mostly what I thought about was that really, I should enjoy the fact that Untold Press took a chance on my story, that those readers who found it hard going at first kept reading and ended up enjoying the book, and that I’m on a path that leads to doing something that I enjoy and that I can improve at. So really, I need to quit whining and go to work.

Thus endeth the lesson.

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