New anthology release! Luna’s Children: Full Moon Mayhem

About 11 months ago, I received word that my short story, “Night Run,” had been accepted in a werewolf anthology published by Dark Oak Press. At the time, I wrote a whole long blog post about how the short story was part of a larger universe, and that I hoped getting accepted would raise my chances of having other parts of that universe, namely my novel Cold Run, accepted for publication.

Fast forward a few months, and Cold Run was indeed accepted by Untold Press. After several rounds of editing (What?!? More editing?!? Yes, silly writer, more editing…), the publisher scheduled a release date of August 2, 2014. Woohoo! Writing win.

At this time, I realized that it had been a while since I heard from the editor of the anthology. Although I’ve been down this road before, I still get a little neurotic when I don’t hear from anyone for a while. Is the anthology still coming out? Did they un-accept my story and just didn’t want to tell me? What’s going on? AAGH, I NEED A CLUE!!

Most especially, though, I wondered if the anthology would release before the book. This morning, an email from the editor, D. Alan Lewis, contained first the .jpg of the soon-to-be-released cover. It was quickly followed by another email to inform us that the anthology had been released and was now available on Kindle, with the print version soon to follow. So, if you are interested in werewolves, urban fantasy, or just what it is I do all day other than obsess about Basset hounds, blues licks and Internet privacy, check out Luna’s Children: Full Moon Mayhem from Dark Oak Press.


FMM  cover

Night Run: Retired country werewolf Rick Keller reluctantly leaves his northern Vermont sanctuary to come to the aid of an old friend, whose work with a NYC church youth group is jeopardized by strange energies gathering in the stone cathedral.

From the Amazon description: 

“Luna’s Children: Full Moon Mayhem is a collection of 22 stories of the werewolf. From the halls of a local high school to the bowels of a Civil War-era church, from the deserts of the American Southwest to the distant lands across the seas, from the horrors of the first kill to a lycanthropy support group, Full Moon Mayhem explores the many stories and possibilities of werewolves in the modern world.”

Grab a copy and enjoy!

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