Preview of Coming Attractions

I am still in the slog of editing Cold Run, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, which means that soon I will be able to turn to some other projects without feeling guilty about cheating on my manuscript. I know it sounds silly, but every time I try to work on something that isn’t editing Cold Run, I feel like I’m doing something naughty.

That said, here are some of the projects I’ve got coming up:

Finishing my interview with Professor Stromer-Galley. This is the project I truly feel terrible about because I intended to have it written before now. My goal is to get it done before leaving for …

The GI Film Festival. I will be attending from 19-25 May in Alexandria, VA. I will be blogging the event, posting reviews and observations, and probably a few pictures as well. It should be a very cool time, and a fun event.

Edits on unnamed novel. Need to finish these so I can work on my other projects and still have a novel to shop around.

Finishing Steel-Toed Blues. My poor little neglected NaNo novel needs to be finished. And then polished. And then workshopped. 

Short stories. Too many to count. Mars exploration, another Boudreaux-Woodson mystery, a carniepunk retelling of Twelfth Night, and about a thousand other ideas that refuse to stop welling up, even if all I have time to do write now is jot them on a sticky and shove them away in my notebook.

Following up on another interview. Need to get some more characters and conversations.

I could keep going on, but it’s just about bedtime. Stay tuned, and if there is something you’ve got on your mind, drop me a line!


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