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It’s been a little crazy over here at the Infamous Scribbler cave. I’ve been doing way less scribbling, and way more hand-holding, editing, teaching, and other things than I had hoped. I’m about to hit my third week of teaching class, and I have to tell you, my kids are swamped and so am I. Whose brilliant idea was it to assign writing homework every class as well as three graded parts to the research paper? Oh yeah, totally mine.

Class is swampy, and so is the weather. I would have thought by now it would start to cool off, but this past week the heat (which was gradually lessening) decided to uptick, and now it feels like we’re back in the middle of August. As much as I know I’ll miss it when I get back to the States (and it will be so very, very cold to my unacclimated butt), it’s a little much.

I did, however, get some good news on the writing front. I had fired off a couple of poems to a local theater group that is putting together poetry from veterans into a playwriting project. Apparently they are going to be use part or all of what I sent them, and if I time my homecoming right, I might actually get to go see it. If anyone is around Greensboro, NC, drop a comment or check back, and I’ll be posting the details. This is the first time my stuff has been used for this kind of project, and I’m pretty excited about it.

Other than that, I’m trying NOT to think about the various writing projects that are all bubbling under the surface, and instead concentrating on coming up with good questions for my next couple of interviews and Conversations, as well as getting these students’ papers back to them. And also some reading, because I really enjoy reading, and I have all these books.

Hope everyone is having a good week. Catch ya on the flip side!

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