Scribbler Coach


Are you trying to:

  • start a writing project,
  • stay on track,
  • resolve a tricky plot or character arc, and/or
  • get advice on what to do next?

I am here to give you the tools you need, tailored to your specific project. I can be a sounding board, organizer of thoughts and notes, advice guru, whipcracker, or all of the above.

Interested? I am available for private coaching at the fees listed below:

  • Initial 20-minute Phone/Skype/In-Person Consult: Free
  • Regular: $50.00/hour
  • Student/Veteran/HWA Member: $40/hour


You’ve finished! Terrific! Now what?

Plan to indie publish? Looking to submit to publishers and agents? Both of these avenues are excellent options. But first…let’s get your work polished and gleaming!

When I sit down with your manuscript, I bring more than a decade of experience as a military journalist, short story and novel writer, academic writer, and dedicated reader of a vast spectrum of genres. I am currently pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University to ensure I bring the best eye that I can to your work.

NOTE: I am not currently offering editorial services; in order to concentrate on my studies and on the Crone Girls Press publishing projects, I have chosen to go on hiatus from providing these services until summer 2022.


I am available to teach the following workshops in a conference or library setting, via an online conferencing system, and/or on an individual basis. If you are interested in any of these, please contact me for pricing and details.

Write Better Fights

This workshop gets into the down and dirty of what it’s like when one character introduces their fists to the other’s face. We’ll explore how to write an effective fight, from the aspects of physicality, choreography, influence of “magic” (for our SF/F writers) and even down to the grammar. Included in the workshop is a bibliography of recommended reading for writers who wish to write better fights.

Writing as a Military Veteran

This workshop is designed for veterans who are interested in writing speculative fiction, or who have experience in writing and wish to incorporate their experiences into that genre. We address some common areas of consideration, i.e. myths about veterans, why veterans may choose to write, potential markets and audiences, as well as genre tropes within the various speculative fiction categories.

Writing Military Speculative Fiction

The Military Sci-Fi & Fantasy Workshop presents writers with information designed to help them draft, write, and revise speculative fiction stories with a military theme, component, or context.

Writing Military Characters

What do you do when your story’s hero wears a uniform? Or a badge? In this workshop, we talk about writing protagonists who come from a military background–their training, their journey, the obstacles they may face, and their choices and consequences of such. Whether you are brand new to the military world, or a seasoned veteran, this workshop will have something for you to think about when creating your characters and world.

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