Sweating it…

Greetings from Kuwait, where the daily temperature today stands a good chance of breaking 110 … in the shade. Of course, this is the perfect time at which to switch out all the air conditioners in the building where I work. I think my fingertips are sweating.

This is the Army most people don’t think of … the Army where the morning consists of dispatching a vehicle, or taking it to a troop motor pool, watching while a contractor inspects it, get tagged for “onsite services” (think Jiffy Lube), and then having another contractor print out a “dispatch,” which is a piece of paper that basically says you can drive the vehicle for another month. Woohoo! Pajero joy ride! After that, we drove to the Mayor’s cell where a supremely disinterested specialist informed me that while we could reserve the building for our 220-attendee awards ceremony, said building MIGHT be taken over by another agency later on, and they didn’t know who, or what, or when, or why, or if our reservations would be honored. But we could fill out a form and take a card and call back later. This, folks, is the military machine of which everyone is so paranoid.

Back to my desk, where my spreadsheets abound. Someone sent out an email to about a thousand people, one of whom hit “reply all” to ask to be taken off the distro list, and since then there has been a veritable cascade of “replies to all,” half of which are asking the same thing, and the other half are a series of increasingly funny/rude responses from other people (never the same person) pointing out that “reply all” is not the way to solve that problem. Our enemies should be afraid … very, very afraid. Clearly we are cyberspace geniuses.

Not sure whether it’s the extreme heat, or if my brain is just severely under-caffeinated. At least one of those two I can do something about. I’m going to crawl off to find some coffee and some Excel-repellent.


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