Target: Weekend Reading!

As I’m typing away on the latest installment in the Rick Keller Project, I’m realizing that my suspense thriller, Soft Target, isn’t getting much love. Since I’m pretty close to the last book of the RKP series, I’m looking ahead at what to start next.

I originally envisioned Soft Target as the beginning of a Target series, but to be honest, the world of indie publishing wasn’t as robust as it currently is, and I wasn’t yet at the point where writing and coaching was my full-time gig. Now, I’m starting to think it’s time to dust off the copious series notes I made and get this book out there.

What does that mean? Well, this weekend, I’m making it super easy for you to check out the series. I’ve got the Kindle edition set for Free-Fifty on Amazon all weekend long. Stop by, take a look, and settle in for the weekend! (And if you like it, I wouldn’t turn down a review!)

* * *

Soft Target
Rachel A. Brune
Pick up a free copy this weekend!

Mark is a cub reporter looking for his big break. Scott is a New York City cop, trying to fit back into his life after a tour of duty in the Middle East. They’re about to discover a plot that will bring the city to its knees.

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