Three days until launch!

I’ve been a little busy today. Church and music, then lunch and fellowship, and three shots of espresso to get me through this afternoon. First, there was work/work, and then it was the final edit/formatting of Soft Target to get the book up on Smashwords and prepped for its launch on Wednesday. (Hope to see you there, by the way.) I swear, I have seen this document over and over for so long, and I still catch little typos here and there. Hopefully, I have managed to catch everything that would take the reader out of the story, and people will be able to enjoy a rousing tale of action and adventure and epic beat downs. On the other hand, my normally neat and organized writing/reading cave kind of took a hit.

My Writer Cave of Solitude ... it was so organized only this morning...

My Writer Cave of Solitude … it was so organized only this morning…

I still have a ton of work I am wading through. I have two lessons to plan, a Final Exam to write, a student research paper to edit, my husband’s college paper to edit, an interview to write up and post, the last free chapter of Soft Target to load, and finally, I need to get to sleep sometime tonight. Because tomorrow is physical therapy and back to the grindstone. Oh yeah, and that application to grad school.

All in all, it’s been a good, productive day. I’ve decided that no matter what the craziness, I’m giving myself next month to goof off. I’m going to read more, maybe do a little writing if I feel like it, and I don’t have another class until June so I’m going to try some of the evening fitness classes. Maybe even zumba, depending on how my knee is feeling. Just gotta keep heading toward the calm – the one that comes after the storm, not before it.

Hope everyone has a good day. Peace and good karma!

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