Writing & Marketing & Cleaning, oh my!

Actually, today has mostly consisted of marketing, surfing the Internet (I swear, it’s in the cause of marketing), consuming large quantities of coffee (in my Camp NaNo writing mug), and trying not to feel too guilty about the fact that my toddler cried when I dropped her off at daycare. Because I know that none of the writing and plotting and planning (and also cleaning) would get done if I didn’t, and it’s better that she has a chance to run around and play with other kids than to toss the house and then go watch TV when I finally run out of patience and need to get stuff done. But still. Ouch. The feels.

Anyway, I’ve finally come to the conclusion-slash-realization that I don’t know as much about marketing and the stuff that happens after you finish the novel than I assumed. Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of reading and SkillShare class viewing to get more information, so that I can get better. And what I’ve learned is that I have the essence of the stuff I need, I just need to distill that essence. And then communicate it.

A few things that I will be doing–setting up a mailing list, and offering a free Rick Keller story to subscribers; starting a Medium blog on various topics; setting up workshops via SkillShare, including my Write Better Fights workshop; writing a lot more words on a daily basis; and, finally, reading more. But even before I can start all of these things, I need a plan, and a schedule. And a clean sink. Don’t ask me why. It’s a thing where I can’t concentrate if I know there are dishes. Yup.

Other than that, I’ve cracked my GRE books in the hopes of re-starting my application process for post-graduate programs, gone full bore on my stash busting, and finished plotting the first third of Vegas Run. And now, it’s probably a good idea if I get back to this stuff so that I can complete today’s planned work and go pick up Ladybug from daycare. If she’s still speaking to me!

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