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I met Dominique Goodall via a mutual membership in a Facebook NaNoWriMo group, and after striking up a few conversations, invited her to be part of Indie Author Month here on Infamous Scribbler. Dominique describes herself as a “fun, young, wolf-loving writer,” and is in fact the second Brit we’ve featured here.

In preparation for the interview, I decided to check out Echoes of Winter, Dominique’s book available on Kindle. I found it an enjoyable read, and unique in the fact that it is written in animal-person POV (little literary joke there …) The novel follows the adventures of a young wolf, Convel, who travels in search of a new pack – and ends up beginning his own. Along the way, he meets with fellow wolves, humans (briefly present in a scientific capacity), evil felines (are there any other kind?), and an assortment of motley characters. Dominique’s depth of research showed through in her treatment of the characters, their habits, and how they met the challenges of their territory and group cohesion.

Echoes of Winter, Cover.

Echoes of Winter, Cover.


Q (Infamous Scribbler): I’ve been reading Echoes of Winter, and I’m struck by the fact that you have a world almost entirely populated by wolves (and other animals…) This seems unusual, to set a story in such an anthropomorphic setting. What made you decide to go with this world?

A: (Dominique Goodall, Author): It was a perfect setting for me – an almost abandoned landscape which I can mould into my own world. I pictured a world where nature had taken back the former human places and left them to the animals.

Q: Have you found other books that are set like this? The only ones I can think of off the top of my head are the Brian Jacques series…

A: William Horwood wrote a pair of books – The Wolves of Time is the series – and that’s a lot like mine. Otherwise, there are Dorothy Hearst’s books, Secret of the Wolves and Promise of the Wolves. As well there’s David Clement-Davies, with The Sight and Fell.

Q: How much research have you done on wolves? It seemed like you really have done a lot of work studying their behavior, pack habits, etc. I was impressed.

A: I’ve always loved wolves – I’ve been researching them since I was a pup myself, lol. I’ve been to loads of zoos to see them, as well as watching documentary after documentary to learn everything I could.

Dominique doing some "up close and personal" research.

Dominique doing some “up close and personal” research.

Is there going to be a sequel to Echoes?

I’m working on a sequel at the moment (though writer’s block is getting on my mind!) and there should be another two books after the sequel!

Q: Who was the hardest character to write? And why?

Definitely Siltin [Convel’s nemesis!], as she had the hardest reason for existing. She does the most despicable things possible, but there’s always that hint of a reason, however twisted it could be considered.

"The Decision"

“The Decision”

Some general writing questions – What is your favorite genre (to write and/or to read?)

Fantasy! Always fantasy, whether animal or paranormal. I adore the genre myself, so I find writing it is great!

Am I correct that Echoes was a NaNo book? How did you get into NaNoWriMo?

I was urged into it by a friend, and found it such an engulfing, enterprising thing that I’m a proud NaNo ’11 and ’12 winner, as well as two Camp NaNo’s since then.

What are some of your future writing plans?

To continue writing stories that I feel are full of life. I don’t write for a reason other than to make myself happy. I’m full of imagination, finding it perfect for my own stories when I twist things for my own world.

Does your geography/where you live influence your writing at all? If so, how?

It doesn’t! I’m in the UK and all my books seem to be set in the US.

I saw that you have snakes – what kind of snakes are they? Where did the names come from?

Hello, beauties!

Hello, beauties!

A: I have Royal/Ball pythons, two females and a male. Their names are Eir, Freyja and Idun – all names of Norse gods and goddesses.

Q: Where do you see yourself in five to ten years?

A: I see myself maybe having made enough to run away to America for a writing retreat somewhere, with wolves of course. I do live for them; it’s me, after all.

Anything to add?

A: Only to remember to review the books you write! It’s a good way to keep your new favourite authors writing!



Facebook Author Page

Facebook Book Page 

Follow Dominique on Twitter: @DomGoodall

Check out her Blog – One: http://dominiquegoodall.wordpress.com/

Blog Two: http://wolfacademy.wordpress.com/

Purchase a copy of Echoes of Winter on Amazon (US Link).

UK link  for EoW: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Echoes-Winter-Seasons-Wolf-ebook/dp/B00AMR9W1Y


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