A little Infamous vacation…

So, when I go on vacation, apparently I do it all the way. Between when I left off, with an interview still pending, and last week, when I was getting ready to gear up for the new year, I realized I had let my domain and hosting package expire. Good job, there, way to impress people who might hire you for your wise Internet ways …

To be honest, I did have a good excuse. For the first part of November, I was overdue for the birth of my first child, which meant that I was sleep-deprived, heartburn-afflicted, and anxious. Then for the second part of November until now, I’ve been sleep-deprived and anxious, and learning how to take care of a baby. (Keep in mind, that high school family and baby class was almost two decades ago … thank God for the Internet, the Nurse Advice Line, and my mom…)

Anyway, I’ve started slowly getting back into the writing groove. I got some editing done today (of others’ works, but mine are next on the list). I have an article to write for Task & Purpose, which I’m getting to, and a stack of books for research, inspiration, and just plain because it’s been a while since I had a chance to read for pleasure without short-changing work, but what else am I supposed to do while breastfeeding? 😀

I will have an interview up soon – the one that my lapse of domain has apparently eaten – and then we’ll be back for more interviews, some photos, and and whatever else crosses my path. Enjoy!

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