A lonely voice…

Well, not so lonely, just rather neglected. My blogging has left much to be desired, but then, to be honest, so has my ability to add to my word count for Steel-Toed Blues.

In the past month, I’ve spent a large amount of time traveling for the Army Reserve, doing Army Reserve things, traveling home, still checking my Army computer, and thinking a lot about the stuff I need to do for the Army. I’m working on finding me a replacement who will do all of these things, while I hare off to a new unit and a new career–one that will more closely match what I’m doing with my civilian life–but in the meantime, this part-time job I love is taking up a lot of mental and creative space in my life.

However! Not to complain. I have made some progress with STB, and this afternoon I am determined to get the words I need, inch by inch if necessary, until I’m past this slump. Because that’s what writers do. I guess.

I’ve also start practicing music again, and even auditioned last night to be part of the upcoming Sweet Tea Shakespeare season. I’m hoping to be a part of their Christmas cantata, and possibly their production of Cymbeline, but if they just ask me to play music with the WoCos, I’m good. Even with the nerve-wracking terror that auditions are for me, I got a huge creative jolt out of the process, and had fun, besides.

Last but not least, I wrapped up a line edit for a client, and so I am currently open to new coaching and editing projects. If you need someone to cheer you on, or guide you, or give you good, professional feedback, drop me a line at rachelbrune ~at~ yahoo.com. Or check out Scribbler Coach.

In the meantime, happy writing/editing/Tuesday to you!

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