As 2013 ticks away…

My goal before the New Year is to have my desk clean and organized. Okay, MOSTLY clean and organized. It may or may not happen.

Anyway, I have the day “off,” so of course I have spent it doing laundry, some dishes, some organizing here and there. I sent off the next excerpt of Border Watch to my local writers’ group, made and uploaded the edits for the softcover version of Soft Target, and opened the file for Steel-Toed Blues, with every intention of writing a few more words today. I also fired away some interview questions to Professor Stromer-Galley, who will be here in January, talking about her book, Presidential Campaigning in the Internet Age.

I’m going to try to keep going before all this forward momentum sputters out, but at some point I know I’ll be on the couch watching television in Russian. Daytime Russian television. Very interesting stuff. And by interesting, I mean … очень интересно…

Stay tuned in the New Year. There will be more excerpts! More interviews! Another book release! And of course, more photos of Basset hounds!

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  1. Trey says:

    Good luck on your momentum. Happy New Year!

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