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On the Shelf: Back On the Shelf

In 2022, I have set myself a goal to read 160 books. I was thinking about sticking with 150, but I like setting a little higher challenge for myself. If you’d like to hang out with me over on Goodreads, and want to recommend a good book, please do! My reading tastes are pretty eclectic, but I do tend to go all in for urban fantasy and horror. Continue reading

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Ordering From the Social Media Menu

“Remember Orkut?” This was a question posed by the title of an article I looked up for this week’s marketing class case study. To be honest, I couldn’t remember this particular social media platform. According to the article, that’s why … Continue reading

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On the Shelf: Dusting Off the Shelf

Hey, Poul Anderson and Mercedes Lackey and and Patricia McKillip and Tanya Huff and Anne McCaffrey and books with spaceships on the covers and books with dragons and fancy fantasy font on the covers and books that are the third in a series so I get mad, but still enjoy them anyway, and books that are gigantic because they’re all three books in a series… Continue reading

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Remember that breast cancer awareness meme? Forget it.

October is over (sob), and of course I was focused on spooky things all month long. However, on this first day of November, I was reading a case study in my marketing class about the breast cancer awareness meme that … Continue reading

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Expanding My Repertoire, Improving My Social Media Marketing Skills

The other day, I sat down and realized that the majority of products I use, ESPECIALLY when it comes to my writing and publishing projects, come from seeing friends (or strangers, if I’m on Twitter) post about them. Additionally, there … Continue reading

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Side Roads is live!

I probably should have posted this on Wednesday, my actual launch day, but having managed to schedule everything in my life in the month of June, I didn’t quite get around to it. But I wanted to let everyone know … Continue reading

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Some Author Thoughts on Kindle Vella

One of the hot topics right now in author groups is this new app, Kindle Vella. For those who are unfamiliar with it, Amazon is basically trying to get into the serialized fiction market, and has been pitching this publishing … Continue reading

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Side Roads, Reading Projects, and Werewolves

The countdown has begun to the launch of Side Roads: A Dark Fiction Collection. Author proofs of the paperback copy have been ordered, promotional graphics have been created and scheduled on social media, and ARCs have been sent to my … Continue reading

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Quick Update, Then Back to Writing

Hey everyone, Just checking in with a blog update. I swear I keep meaning to post more regularly–even went so far as to set a calendar reminder in my phone, but usually what happens is that, instead of hearing the … Continue reading

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Coming Soon: Side Roads

“Side Roads” is a collection of horror and dark fiction short stories (including one novelette), about half of which have been published in various magazines and anthologies over the past ten years. They include stories like the faepunk horror “IronFae,” which first appeared in Aiofe’s Kiss, the steampunk horror “The Terrible, Vast Pyre of Chief Machinist Kirlisoveyitch,” which first appeared in Dark Moon Digest, and the dystopian superhero short “The Peacemaker,” which appeared in Fantasy Scroll Magazine. Continue reading

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