Book Launch/Guest Post

Coming this Saturday … a post on writing Young Adult fiction by YA author Caitlin Hensley, whom you may recall from her featured interview. In the post she will talk about some tips for writing YA, one of which is, of course to read YA. One book you may want to start with is Paranormal Legacy, Caitlin’s debut novel, current available for free on Kindle.

Caitlin is embarking on a blog tour to promote the book launch of Untold Promise, the second book in the Inhuman Chronicles series, which will be released tomorrow, July 26. Check back soon for links and info!

In the meantime, my Amazon review for Paranormal Legacy:

“I don’t normally read YA, but I picked this book up and found myself really enjoying it. The prose was clear and polished, and the narrator was a wisecracking, headstrong young lady. This book was seriously funny – I found myself laughing out loud more than once as I was reading. The plot was well-paced and didn’t fall victim to cliche. There were a couple of places where I found my eyebrow raised, mostly over archaic terms like “lady cop” and the like, but it never detracted from the enjoyment of the story. When I saw “Epilogue” at the top of the last chapter and knew the story was about to end, I was disappointed because I want to read the next one. Get writing!!”

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