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Welcome to March–no, wait…

HOLY COW IT’S ALMOST THE END OF APRIL?!? Hang on, I gotta go lay down… So, what’s going on with me? Thanks for asking! Where do I start? First, March was fantastic! I went to Korea with the Army, which … Continue reading

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6 Things to Read if You’re Writing Werewolves

At least if you’re me, writing about Rickard Keller, a German werewolf who becomes an American supernatural nuke and secret agent. Okay, first, let me assure you. There are many other books out there if you would like to write … Continue reading

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Itty Bitty Seismic Shift Committee

Actually, there’s no committee. It’s just me, at a desk, with about a thousand tabs open plus my phone notifications popping up, plus several piles of books around me and twelve different disorganized to-do lists, trying to make sense of … Continue reading

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Alas, poor Yorick…

I knew him, Horatio. The rest of these dead guys, not so much. Anyway, this weekend, I went to my first in-person SCA event since before the plague times. While I’ve attended a few business meetings, as well as local … Continue reading

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Academic Nerds Gonna Academic Nerd

It’s probably fitting that I just got finished recording a future podcast episode with the teacher who taught my eighth-grade English class. Because I am about to do the most academic nerd thing ever and embark on yet another academic … Continue reading

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