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This Monday, I will be interviewing author Claire Plaisted of Plaisted Publishing House on her journey to become an independent author. Stop by and check it out!

Claire Plaisted, author at Plaisted Publishing House.

Claire Plaisted, author at Plaisted Publishing House.

Claire Plaisted was born and raised in England with two loving parents and siblings.  They were a motorbiking family and loved history and cooking.

In the mid-1980s, Claire moved to Colwyn Bay in North Wales.  It was here her adventures began, surprising a lot of people, including her dad.

In 1989, Claire travelled to New Zealand to visit family, her first journey overseas.  It was at this stage she met and fell in love with her future husband.  In 1991, Claire returned, and they married the following year.  Today they have three children and two cats.

Claire started to write in 2012 while waiting for some information for a family history book she was compiling for a client.  The book is called “They Mystery at Crosswick Manor.” Set in Gloucestershire, England at the end of the Regency Period, this book is yet to be published.

Since that time Claire hasn’t really stopped writing.  She now has 8 books on Amazon and Smashwords as eBooks, and 6 of those are in Print.

At this time, Claire is updating her Garrett Investigation Bureau books as well as helping clients with formatting their own books and publishing them.

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