It’s Monday, isn’t it?

Every Monday, I have the same intentions: start the week off right with a ton of words in the bank. And, every Monday, like clockwork, I end up spending most of my time like today–catching up on emails, setting up appointments, posting content to my Patreon and this blog, calling the vet to make an appointment for our pet vaccinations and that weird lump on our Basset hounds backside, heading to the post office to drop off mail (author copies and knitting commissions), cleaning the kitchen and putting soup ingredients in the slow cooker, submitting Stories We Tell After Midnight to the Horror Writers Association for their new releases list, and a bunch of other promo tasks to keep this career of mine, such as it is, chugging always forward.

This Monday, in particular, has been goob-tastic. I started coming down with some sort of ailment that plugged my nose, settled in my chest, gave me the chills and aches, and basically is making me miserable and throwing a giant monkey wrench in all my plans to be super productive and get in some last-minute training for my triathlon this weekend.

I’ve got a good deal of words still to go through today. But I also need to do some outline organization. So, it’s probably a good idea to get off the Internet, slam some Vitamin C and cold medicine, and get back to work! In the meantime, if you’ve picked up a copy of the anthology, I’d love it if you would leave us a review on Amazon or Goodreads … Heh. Thanks!

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