Just another early Saturday morning …

Which is really when I seem to get all my work on my blog, etc., done. Mostly because it’s quiet. Until SOMEONE decides to wake up and come in and put on Bollywood, at which point my concentration is shot because seriously, who can write stuff when there are really bright colors and incorrigibly catchy music. However, I have finished edits on Soft Target, on paper anyway, and as soon as I actually make them on the digital file, we’ll be a little closer to actual having paper copies available.

I’ve also sent some updates to my Characters and Conversations page, and am working on lining up a few more interviews.

But in the meantime … on to Christmas preparations, including making the house (which currently looks like a bomb of random stuff detonated all over it) guest-ready, cleaning the floors, wrapping presents, and taking care of other various and random chores that need to be done. Stop back soon!

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