Just keep writing …

In the past month, I’ve counted all the stuff in my cages at the Army Reserve center, made my way through most of a tricky knitting pattern, finished reading a few books (including some with really small print and no pictures), and contemplated reaching out to start up my Characters interviews again. I’ve also line edited a friend/client’s manuscript, connected a potential client with a transcriptionist, started bass guitar lessons, tried out for the 2017 Sweet Tea Shakespeare theater season, and tried an experiment in making my grandmother’s long-lost cheesecake recipe.

All the while averaging approximately 50-100 words/day on Steel-Toed Blues. This dratted book has taken me so long to write, I think it’s actually older than Ladybug. In fact, the next kid might come along before it’s done. I don’t know what it is about this book that makes me feel like I’d rather be doing anything else than writing it–perhaps it’s cursed by Faeries. Who knows.

Anyway, I’m off to wash the dishes, practice guitar, eat cheesecake and–yes, of course–get in some words. Because words=book.

Also, if you know any interesting characters for me to interview, hook me up. 😀

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