Knew I was forgetting something…

Or rather, several somethings. I woke up early for a Sunday, with the realization that I’ve started sleeping through my first alarm and should probably find a remedy before I sleep right through the beginning of a work day one of these days. The plan for the day was to head downtown with the guys and gals from my section at work for some “team-building,” but a high wind/low viz advisory put the kibosh from on high so here I am sitting here with not much to do.

That’s a lie. I actually have many things I could be doing. My Russian homework. Tuning my guitar to play at the service I will now be able to attend. Lesson plans. Writing. Finishing the two books I’m reading – one for background research, one for an upcoming interview. Listening to Russian news radio and studying vocabulary for the language test I have coming up at the end of June. All of these things and more…

I chose reading, but as I was heading into the world of the end of the Third Reich and the attempt to set up a network of post-War insurgency (and wouldn’t a comparison of the German failure to do so with the successes of the Iraq government in the post-OIF environment be an excellent study? No! Bad brain! No more ideas! … *goes and writes that one down for future reference…*), a thought occurred to me.

A friend’s essay is still sitting in my inbox, patiently waiting for me to get around to red-penning/green-track-changes-commenting it. This friend, the leading light behind the Sarah Connor Charm School and its accompanying SCCS Facebook site, is one of those writers I never mind beta-reading. Her articles are always well-written and researched, and I always learn something new, so in my opinion, it’s a win-win situation.

Which is why I immediately downloaded the essay, opened it up, began reading … and came over here to write a blog post about it. SMH. I think I am not happy until I am procrastinating. But, I have put a little “Fun” on, and after that, some “Kykyryza,” and maybe even some Anna Netrebko singing arias in Russian (that counts as studying, right?) and I will have this puppy edited and returned to its rightful by the end of the day.


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  1. Saigh Kym says:

    And I thank you, I will be downloading it and going through it after more coffee, and reply to your email as well. I fully understand the procrastination thing….I’ve got little excuse on this stuff now, as I am probably spending most of the day on the couch with the sick pup. But …oh! pointless, fluffy article on my FB feed! I must look! Not having much sleep does make thinking real hard.

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