My husband sent me flowers…

…beautiful flowering dogwoods, azaleas, jasmine, and a Basset hound and a cattle dog. Who are not actually flowers, but can often be spotted sniffing around the backyard that is seeing the first shoots and beams of our first Spring in the new house – a milestone I am missing what with being out in the deserts of Kuwait and all.

The first dogwood blooms of spring in our garden.

The first dogwood blooms of spring in our garden.

A moment of beauty is a welcome break from the constant glare of the computer screen inside and the unyielding sun outside. We already had our brief gasp of growing things, a riot of yellow dandelions pushing through the loose sand, tangling their way through the rocks and grit. Nowadays, the only relief from the unrelenting pastels of austerity comes from the lush square patch of irrigated grass outside the base headquarters, and the regimented rows of carefully planted palms and evergreens that march along the main drag of post.

Spring comes in flush of pink in our NC backyard.

Spring comes in a flush of pink in our NC backyard.

And so, I try to keep busy with work and other things. The next free chapter of Soft Target is up on the book page, and I’m working on formatting the book for its digital launch on May 1. The next interview for “Characters & Conversations” is underway, and I should have a fun piece for you on Friday.

And – some happy news! I received a notice yesterday that my steampunk detective story has been accepted into eSteampunk magazine, and will be published this Thursday, when I’ll have a bigger announcement – and a link to the magazine. Such happy news deserves an illustration:

Captain the Basset hound, enjoying the NC Spring weather.

Captain the Basset hound, enjoying the NC Spring weather.

And on that note, wherever you are – enjoy the weather, look at some flowers, pet a dog, read a book. And, if you have the time, share some with me!


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  1. Trey says:

    Congratulations on another publication. And on the web site.

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