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It’s been a while since I’ve put something up here on the old bloggeroo. There’s no particular reason for the radio silence; mostly, I’ve been preoccupied with finishing up my Criminal Justice class, editing/formatting the anthology I’m working on, catching up on my reading, starting a new workout schedule (which is code for starting to work out again), and sitting down to get some work done on my own writing projects.

Some of these projects are interviews for the Characters and Conversations feature. I’ve got some questions sent out, but am waiting for answers. And I have one set of questions I need to send out, but am waiting until I finish reading one of the author’s books before I do.

I am also moving forward on two novel projects. I’m working with my graphic designer, Marcy Rachel Designs, to come up with a cover design for a print run of Soft Target. That’s right, my debut novel—previously only available on Kindle—will be available as a “real” book. My goal is to make this happen toward the end of the year, so that I will be back in the Continental US, and will be able to travel and promote the books through readings and networking.

The other novel project is to start querying Cold Run. Now that I’ve edited (and workshopped and edited and edited) the darn thing within an inch of its life, have written (and workshopped and edited and edited and edited) the query letter, the short synopsis, the shorter synopsis, and the logline/pitch, I have sent it on its way to its first serious query. The small press to which I’ve sent it has a policy that if they don’t respond in 21 days, you can assume their disinterest. So, if I don’t hear anything back in 18 days, it’s on to the next!

And also, this funny thing called NaNoWriMo is coming up. It’s this crazy month of the year when all across the world aspiring novelists sit down and churn out 50K-word novels in a sustained burst of frenetic creativity. At first I thought I was going to write the sequel to Cold Run, namely Vegas Run. But that idea is still churning, and funny enough, I’ve gotten a huge wave of plot inspiration for a sequel to Soft Target, (working title: Moving Target) which I had sworn was going to be a standalone novel. But now, I’m not so sure. And I’ve already started a crapload of research for it. So, hmm… Yeah. I won’t necessarily be blogging the whole thing, but I will likely share snippets here on the blog. If you’re reading this and thinking that you, too, would like to be part of the madness, go to the link, register, and then look me up under the handle “siegerat.”

And with that, it’s time to sign off and go do some work on these many projects. Peace!

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