Sisyphus runs my inbox…

Seriously, I feel like the more messages and emails and texts and message and emails and whatsapps and notifications I check off the old to-do list, the farther and farther behind I lag. While I’m working on clearing some projects and activities off my plate, I’ve realized that part of the problem is not so much that I’m doing too much, insofar as it’s necessary to sometimes stop, regroup, reorganize, and then go forth.

Take the podcast, for example. I’ve been hosting On the Shelf: A Writer Reads for the past month. In that time, I’ve managed to schedule almost all of the interviews that I have planned for the first season. I’ve also standardized my promo graphic, the show template, purchased a high quality podcasting microphone (the pink one, of course), and set up a spiffy new Facebook group. My first goal of 50 subscribers is within reach, and I’m really enjoying the process. (It’s also helping me stick to my Goodreads reading challenge goals.)

However, I did not set up a process for organizing and storing episode material, i.e., audio files, headshots, bios, etc. And that is coming around to bite me in the posterior, because I’ve completed about three-quarters of the scheduled interviews, plus three more for another, future podcast I’m co-hosting and co-producing, and with all the files and material, I’m worried about losing track of something.

So far, I’ve recorded my book review rundown, added the new release guest interview, edited, and scheduled this week’s On the Shelf episode, both to air and then to post in the FB group. Next up, I’ve got some Army Reserve items to take care of (the weekend after Battle Assembly, there’s always something to follow up on), as well as hosting this week’s TWT-Co-Working event. And then, I will be sitting down and setting up a better process to take care of all of the items that I have collected for the podcasts, and putting things where they need to be, so that I can be less stressed out about it in the future.

And, finally, my last, big organizing project this week–writing out my master inventory list of writing, editing, and publishing projects so that I can track their status and my progress. That way, I can have, at a glance, a better idea of where I am, and where I can direct my attention from day to day.

Anyway, that’s about all I have on a Monday. Hope that your week goes smoothly, and that you, too, find some way to catch up on your inbox.


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