Slogging away…

I wasn’t sure I was going to do NaNoWriMo until after it started, so my progress has been slow. But that’s fine. I’m going the Rebel route — using the motivational boost* to get my ass in gear and finish up one novel, expand a short story into a novella for the Rick Keller Project, and start on the next novel in that series. It’s been a slog, because I’m trying to get early NaNo word count with late novel motivation, and I’m a bit backwards and turned around.

In other news, though, I’ve started reading more, which I think really helps my word count. With all this reading and writing I’ve been doing, my mindspace is starting to come around back to where it should be–although the dishes are piling up, and I really need to pick up the mess cluttering the floor …

Tomorrow is Election Day, and while I have already voted early (but not often), I am going to try to get my words done early as I’m sure I’ll be glued to the screen, trying to keep up to date with everything. At the same time, I try to process the news WITHOUT the filter of social media, because sometimes the weight of what everyone else thinks drives me back to the bad mindspace. In other words, don’t read the comments.

Tomorrow will also be a day to get the writing done early, because in the afternoon, we’re heading over to the Y so I can sign up. I’ve been trying to figure out a way to get a workout AND not neglect my kids, and they have a drop-in childcare on the premises, so I might actually be able to make this work. Being able to work out on a regular basis is the last piece of the puzzle I need to get my mind back where it really needs to be.

And that’s about all the news that fits tonight. Going to stick my nose in a book. Catch you all on the flip side!


* Yes. Yes, I know that professional writers do NaNo ALL YEAR LONG and they just write and write and write and write and write all the words. Whatever. I like NaNo because it gives me a motivation tune up and a chance to neglect the housework a little and tell my spouse that I have to because there’s a T-shirt at the end. Suck it, killjoys.


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