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31 Days of Art, Day 15: Holes

I was organizing my underwear into neat little rolls, just like in the book, folding and rolling and stacking so I could easily see at a glance what I had. Oddly satisfying. I looked up at the photo and paused, my sturdy cotton panties dangling from my hand.
Because there was a hole in the middle of the photo. Continue reading

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31 Days of Art Day 1: Scar

At the end of October, I may end up with 31 flash fiction stories. I may end up with some flash fiction and some scenes from Winter Run. I may end up giving up tomorrow. We’ll see. Continue reading

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On the Shelf: Write Your Story

In the spirit of thanks to people who have shared their stories with me, or who have written and publisher their stories for people like me to learn from, I wanted to highlight four books that center around ways to write down and amplify a story, in particular, a nonfiction story. I offer this with no expectation that the onus is on people of color to do the emotional and physical labor of pulling together and writing it down. I recognize that there are many books and resources out there that already exist for people like myself to do the work of self-education. I offer these merely in case you or someone you know has a story to tell and is looking for someplace to start. Continue reading

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A Conversation With Jon Ray…

A warm welcome to fantasy and science fiction author, Jon Ray. I’ve invited him here to talk about his writing journey, goblins and panning for gold in the Australian Outback. Sounds pretty cool, right? Let’s get started! Q (Infamous Scribbler): … Continue reading

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Saturday Spotlight: Markie Madden’s Fang and Claw

Earlier this year, I sat down for a Conversation with Markie Madden, in which we talked about her book, My Butterfly Cancer, and some of what it takes to set up a publishing house. Fast forward a few months (okay, … Continue reading

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A Conversation with Sandra Boutwell-Falcone

I met Sandra Boutwell-Falcone, an independent author, through one of my Facebook groups wherein we writers like to mingle and talk shop. I invited her on my blog, but before posting the interview, I picked up a copy of her … Continue reading

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A Conversation with Hildur Enóla…

A few months ago, I posted that I had a few interviews upcoming with authors who were bilingual, which I found absolutely fascinating. (And I’m also a little jealous…if I tried to write even a haiku in German or Russian, … Continue reading

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