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Sisyphus runs my inbox…

Seriously, I feel like the more messages and emails and texts and message and emails and whatsapps and notifications I check off the old to-do list, the farther and farther behind I lag. While I’m working on clearing some projects … Continue reading

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Road trip!

If we weren’t moving this summer, I probably wouldn’t have driven to Charlotte last night. Right now, I am beyond tired, with my eyeballs drooping and just enough motivation to brew some strong, hot tea and keep pushing through. How … Continue reading

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Dusting Myself Off and Getting Back in the Fight

…when I wrote down my intentions for the new year, I included the fact that I wanted to do a podcast. And now…I am setting up for two. Continue reading

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The end of the tunnel…

This week, I wrapped up all of the requirements for completing my MFA at Southern New Hampshire University. *pause for celebration* Yes, anyway, that’s enough pausing and celebrating. Too many things on the old to-do list for me to take … Continue reading

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Writing, Coaching, and Editing

Beginning October 1 2022, I am opening my freelance schedule to coaching and manuscript assessment clients. Continue reading

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Back On the Shelf!

This year, I’ve realized, I’m not getting any younger, and so I subscribed to a half a dozen gardening, herbalism, and green/plant witch podcasts, bought a bunch of books on herbalism, gardening, and the like, picked up a bunch of garden stuff like soil and fabric pots and seeds and plants, and got started on learning how to do this stuff. Continue reading

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On the Shelf: Empty Shelves…

haracters take me away. There’s so much research I want to do right now–history, and green witchery, and the craft of horror writing–and the more I want to, the less I find myself cracking open the book and just going for it. Continue reading

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Some Author Thoughts on Kindle Vella

One of the hot topics right now in author groups is this new app, Kindle Vella. For those who are unfamiliar with it, Amazon is basically trying to get into the serialized fiction market, and has been pitching this publishing … Continue reading

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Side Roads, Reading Projects, and Werewolves

The countdown has begun to the launch of Side Roads: A Dark Fiction Collection. Author proofs of the paperback copy have been ordered, promotional graphics have been created and scheduled on social media, and ARCs have been sent to my … Continue reading

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31 Days of Art, Day 25: Cemetery

To me, cemeteries have always seemed peaceful places, where the dead are respected and loved. And so, this came out way more personal essay and journal reflection-y. Continue reading

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