Tanks, Monsters, Mercs … oh, my!

Started off this year wanting to get back to writing short stories and sending them out to the world, and then shortly after writing down my goals, I decided to take one of those stories and share it myself.

Bea Wolf, a dieselpunk re-telling of the classic Norse epic, Beowulf, is now available as a Kindle Short Read, for about the price of half a cup of coffee. In the post-war dystopia of northern Europe, Captain Wolf leads her company of armored cavalry mercenaries against their greatest foe yet.

I’ve got about an hour of time to pack until I have to get going with the plans for this weekend, so I’m going to sign off. But if you are interested, and have a dollar, check it out on Amazon! And if you have Kindle Unlimited, it’s free. Just saying.

Ride strong, my friends!

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