The blahs…

I’m dealing with a little bit of the writing blahs right now … namely rejection, envy, lack of motivation, and both a progressively cleaner house and a continuous lack of work. Right now, I’ve got a manuscript out on query – two publishers, one agent, two rejections. I’m not even sure if I love the book enough to keep querying it. On the work in progress side, I’m 38K words into a manuscript that I’ve had some good feedback on — but not sure if I have enough plot to make it to the magic 75K word count. In the meantime, I’ve got two more novel ideas that really want me to get distracted and start working on them. And I’m super tempted to take my Side Roads and Hidden Monsters sketches and start making them a Wattpad serial. Which I seriously don’t have time for. Let’s not even get started on my non-fiction book.

So … I’ve decided to just accept it. I’m going to wallow a little bit. I’m going to clean the house, and organize my craft box, and wash ALL the dishes and play with the kid and read a couple magazines.

I’ll type a few words per day. I’ll blog my writing prompts. I’ll keep querying my manuscript. And eventually I’ll get past the blahs and get back on track.

Now, to find that vacuum attachment…


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