The past few weeks have been a little quiet, here on the pages of the ol’ Infamous Scribbler. Usually such a statement would be followed by the announcement of earth-shattering news, but I’ve got nothing like that.

Instead, it’s been a quiet grind of work, getting ready to head back to the States for a couple of weeks, finishing up some reading I’ve been meaning to do, and of course, learning Russian. Да товарищ, я изучаю Русский язык!

One thing that I have been making quiet progress on, is the pre-submission edit to Cold Run. I’m getting ready to write me a nifty short synopsis (thanks to Suze W. for the helpful tips), polish this puppy up, and start sending it out to small press publishers. I’m not sure what kind of market is out there for grumpy werewolf secret agents, but if there’s one, I am going to try to find it.

I had three beta readers who were kind enough to go through and let me know their thoughts, one of whom is castigating me for every misplaced comma, which has me hanging my head in shame and vowing to improve my wayward comma habits. I’m about halfway through the second edit, and hope to have this process finished by the end of next week. I’ve been working on this project for a while, and want to make sure it’s as good as I can make it before I send it out to the world.

Other than that, like I said, it’s been a quiet grind. I’ll try not to let these pages become quite so much of a ghost town – there’s plenty around here to ruminate upon and share with the world. Going to head out to the pool and try not to drown, then come on back and tuck away a few more pages.


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