#WriteFridays Exercise 1

As I posted on Wednesday, I am trying to hold myself to doing one writing exercise a week in order to stretch my writing muscles and continue to work on my craft. I’d like to invite the Internet to participate. All you have to do is read through the exercise, draft a sketch that fits, and share it on your blog throughout the weekend. You can post a link in the comments here, and/or Tweet your effort using the #WriteFridays hashtag. In order to further the community, please visit others, and RT / ping back as you like. Here is our first exercise:


Everyone has them – those dreams where you are addressing the board or classroom or other large group of people in your underwear, trying to run through quicksand, or playing William Tell with a blind archer. Sometimes they are vague and easily shaken off. Sometimes they haunt us all week.

EXERCISE: Write a short scene in which we learn the flavor of your character’s anxiety dreams … and why he/she/it has been having them for a week straight.


Here is a picture of an encouraging puppy. Get to it!

Encouraging Basset is encouraging.

Encouraging Basset is encouraging.

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  1. Noel says:

    Hello Rachel, a mutual friend, Tanja, sent me your link and suggested I participate. I have only recently begun writing, and this may be the impetus I need to force me to sit down, write some words, and post them.
    I do need to set up a blog first, so my #WriteFridays may be a #WriteSaturdayOrSunday this week.
    I like the theme idea for this week.

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