#WriteFridays Exercise 4

This week, I posted an interview with author Stephen Christiansen, wherein we discussed world-building on the macro level. This got me thinking about all the different levels at which we interact with our environment, especially as I began drafting the outline of a new novel set in a zombified near future. So I offer this exercise as a way to explore both a character and his/her world.

Exercise 4: Your character holds a photograph that he or she just can’t let go. What is it about the scene depicted that holds their attention? Why has he or she been saving it all this time? Or, conversely, why has he or she made the decision to get rid of it? Where did it come from? Write a scene that tells your reader a little about the world in which your character lives through this photograph.


Hi, Im just here to watch while you work. Just ignore me … if you can!


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